Feature your business in Natalie Gouche’s 2012 Holiday Gift Guide

As you know I LOVE supporting small business owners and I encourage everyone to do the same when it comes to shopping. For the last few years I have done a gift guide for most every major holiday including Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Valentine’s Day and of course Christmas.

Click HERE to see a sample of the Mother’s Day Guide

My Holiday’s Gift Guides have created massive buzz… Read more »

Get More Traffic To Your Vending Booth Using Twitter Search

Think Twitter is a waste of time? Having a dead booth at a vending event, sitting in the back and waiting for customers to walk up to you is a waste of time! Here is a quick video on how to maximize your vending opportunities by using Twitter’s search feature as well as #hashtags. What do you do to get more foot traffic? TWEET! Grab your smart phone or laptop and go to the Read more »

Horror Stories: Groupons & Deep Discount Deals Hurting Small Business?

I think we can all agree that discounts are an important part of any business, but when do these so called deals hurt small businesses? BEWARE and think about these things:

#1 Limit the amount of coupons a customer can redeem

#2 Plan for a busy day and make sure you have enough staff to cover your floor (if you have a brick and mortar business). Having too many customers you can’t serve can cause bad… Read more »

How to close business on Twitter (without picking up the phone)

Twitter can be scary to some and a waste of time to most people but the strategy I am going to show you below has worked for me time and time again. Sometimes it works immediately; sometimes days, weeks or even months after but it works! And it works perfectly while I’m sitting on my couch without picking up the phone!

#1 Visit Socialoomph.com and sign up for an account

#2 Add your Twitter… Read more »

Can Social Media Scores Get You a Job or a client?

With the rise of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the most competitive jobseekers are developing a whole new set of networking skills. Of course, branding yourself as a passionate, but balanced professional can be tough. Who should you be following on Twitter? In which LinkedIn debate should you post an intelligent question? How “real” should you really get on your Facebook profile?  As savvy web socialites continue to leverage themselves… Read more »

How Social Media Will Affect the Election (Info-graphic)

If you have a Facebook or Twitter account you probably noticed an increase in the number of political postings over the past few years. This is due, in part, to the explosive rise in social media outlets and users. But voters are not the only people who use social media; among politicians, 9 out of 10 Senators and Representatives have Twitter accounts. Many are starting to wonder if social media is becoming less a reporter… Read more »

The Truth About Holiday Email Marketing

It’s that time of year again! You should be thinking about your holiday marketing strategies. Every year, marketers expect to make big sales around the holidays and every year, they base their marketing tactics on the last year’s consumer behavior. To help you out this year, take a look at the reports of how consumers shopped during the 2011 holidays and learn how to get in on the action! Yes, it’s possible to… Read more »

To post or not to post? What you need to know about your reputation.

There are 900 million social media users plugged into Facebook alone, and nearly 500 million of them log into the social network every single day. In fact, in just one day on Facebook, 250 million photos are uploaded, and 532 million statuses are updated. And that doesn’t even count the millions of tweets sent, tumblrs updated, and instagrams snapped. With so much personal content constantly being uploaded to the web, it’s no small wonder that… Read more »