The truth about Labor (as a solopreneur)

Before I go into my spiel I must say, “Happy Labor Day.” I do hope you’re taking some time to relax if possible. But the truth is… you may not be. And that’s okay for now. You own a business (and often times you probably use holidays to get some things done right?). I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.

How I Started

I remember when I first started in business 8 years ago, I was so… Read more »

My Viral Beyonce Meme + Women’s History Month Video Recap

Whether you’re a fan of Beyonce or not, you may have heard that stage seats at her concert can cost nearly $3,500! I remember hearing ticket prices and I couldn’t help but think to myself, “There will probably be people at that concert who really can’t afford to be there, but for the love of entertainment will do what it takes to get there.” With so many people making excuses for why they are where… Read more »

Business Purpose in 2015

Today’s blog post is going to be one with little text because I simply say it all in this video. So let’s just call this one a vlog instead shall we? 🙂 Wishing you all a prosperous and purpose filled New Year! P.S. I’m launching an all new coaching program in the coming months. If you’re a solopreneur with a deep desire to reach the world with your message, product and service, jump on my… Read more »

1 Holiday Marketing Strategy You Can Borrow From Sephora

Yesterday I received a delightful email from Sephora. (The ladies will know this name well) So anyway, they sent me a gift card for $15 and I was smiling ear to ear. I mean who doesn’t like an unexpected gift? They gave me $15 to spend BUT I had to make a minimum purchase of $50 at one time for the $15 gift card to be valid. Can you say, “Brilliant!!!” What a way to… Read more »

Los Angeles: Queens Night Out (Thursday 8/28) #TL90210

Tired of the typical “networking” events?   On Thursday, August 28th @ 6pm indulge in thought provoking conversations and high caliber networking at “Queens Night Out”. This an all-inclusive – powerful, sophisticated and fashion forward evening, filled with complimentary pampering from elite estheticians, nail technicians and hair stylist. Nicole Miller  be providing gift cards ($1,500 in value), and discounted rates on all store items including their Summer/Fall Collection… And last but not least, I will be the guest speaker for the evening. I… Read more »

Fabletics Marketing Ad Spotlight

I used to hate ads when I was browsing the internet or meddling on Facebook but NOW I take note on what catches my eye and WHY it does. You see, the big brands give us clues on how to market at our level and we need to pay attention! What’s that saying? “It’s okay to be a copy cat, just copy the right cat!” I Love that!  Now clearly, I’m not into… Read more »

Blog Set Up + FREE graphics Training – Thursday, Jan 16th

If you are technically challenged (and I mean that with all the love in the world) 🙂 and you’ve always wanted to start a blog, share your ideas, passion and gifts with the world (but didn’t know where to start) I have got a solution for you that’s less than $29 + I’m doing a free set up training to get your going this Thursday evening and you will have access to 24/7 training after. In order… Read more »

How to “Invite all” of your Facebook friends to your event in 1 click [Code Inside]

Ever get tired of clicking 1 by 1 every single person you want to invite to your Facebook event? This can really suck if you have over a few hundred friends. Here is a code to invite ALL of your friends with a special firefox code. Enjoy! Here is the code. Copy and paste it exactly how it is: javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName(“checkableitems[]”);for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type=”checkbox” )elms[i].click()} Make sure you are using Firefox as your browser. This code won’t… Read more »

[SPECIAL INVITATION] VIP Open Guests Night – Team Training Sneak Peek

This is pretty huge, and I don’t usually do this so don’t say I didn’t tell you….

Today I am allowing a limited number of people to crash the party tonight in myTeam Huddle…

Basically training only open to MY team.

If you ever wanted to get a sneak peek into what I really do  to make an income online here here’s your chance…

But here’s the catch…

Seats are extremely limited… Read more »