#MarketMyVision Client sells out her NYE event triple time!

I was thrilled when Markisha informed me that her New Years eve event was a hit! Here is what she says about how #MarketMyVision helped her achieve this success: “Thank you Natalie Gouché for this amazing group and the tools that you shared with us. I can now say out of all the marketing strategies that I have used; the ones I learned in #MarketMyVision were the MOST profitable to date!! Tomorrow… Read more »

Some will watch you online for years & do nothing until…

Some people don’t get the real long term impact of social media. There is a huge emphasis on “right now sales” and while that concern is totally legitimate because we all want sales right now, there is much to be said about your internet lurkers. You know, the ones who watch you,  don’t “like” your content and rarely ever comment? Oh trust me; they are watching you. Waiting until the perfect moment to hire you…. Read more »

1 Facebook Ad Did All Of This… (From guide to event to client)

I love how the internet works! Watch this…My VIP coaching client Tanisha was introduced to me from her sister who saw my Facebook ad and this happened:

1) Tanisha and her sister downloaded this (complimentary) guide 2) Both came to one of my (complimentary) workshop 3) Both then attended a (complimentary) Instagram Webinar 4) Both attended another (paid) brunch event 5) Tanisha became a (paid)… Read more »

How Professional Organizers, Organize Their Social Media Plan

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that not even 24 hours after my full day coaching intensive with my new clients, AO Organizers  emailed me with all of their homework DONE. You hear me? DONE! They didn’t wait until our follow up meeting a week later. They organized my notes and 90 day plan and went to work. I love action takers! (Update: In 1 week they increase their Facebook “likes” by 4X.” Talk about results!) [What… Read more »