Business Purpose in 2015

Today’s blog post is going to be one with little text because I simply say it all in this video. So let’s just call this one a vlog instead shall we? 🙂 Wishing you all a prosperous and purpose filled New Year! P.S. I’m launching an all new coaching program in the coming months. If you’re a solopreneur with a deep desire to reach the world with your message, product and service, jump on my… Read more »

How My Little Helper Made a BIG impact!

On Tuesday night I hosted a Social Media 102 workshop in Los Angeles for some fabulous entrepreneurs and business owners. I decided to allow my daughter to actively help; check people in, give them name tags etc. She was thrilled. (Like literally squealing when I told her she could help!)   After the class I received this email: “Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop last night. I learned soooo much! You are… Read more »

Social Media is like folding clothes? (Must See Video)

I HATE to fold clothes…but guess what? I have to do it! Now I could pay a maid to do it right? But in my opinion that’s just a stupid thing to waste money on. But guess what? Some folks don’t think their time is worth it so they would rather hire someone to fold their clothes or do their house work. What’s my point? THE SAME PRINCIPLE APPLIES TO SOCIAL MEDIA! You have 3 options folks: Learn to… Read more »

Spotlight Business: Camp DNI- An Entrepreneurial Style Camp for Kids

Being an entrepreneur is fun but raising your kids to think like one is even more fun. Our society is rapidly changing and their has been a RISE in the creative class. What does this mean for us as parents? It means that it’s extremely important for us to expose our kids to cutting edge programs and innovative experiences that teaches them to develop the power/value of their ideas. I found this cool camp located in… Read more »

Support a Small Business on Mother’s Day (Gift Guide)

I’m so proud to present to you over 15+ small businesses in my 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Forget waiting in lines at stores this year. Support a small business and get something unique and fun! I have hand picked items you can buy online (as well as get locally in Los Angeles). Feel free to download the guide, embed it on your site, print out as well as share all… Read more »

Want to be featured in my 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide?

As you know I LOVE supporting small business owners and I encourage everyone to do the same. For Valentine’s Day I did a Gift Guide and I shared it with my network (over 10k people). It was a hit!

Click here to check out 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide HERE

All of my promotion created some buzz in Google and the gift guide got picked up by “The Street” (an… Read more »

Thanks for attending #RockYourEvents

I had a blast with you ladies this past weekend for #RockYourEvents in Beverly Hills. I appreciate you and loved meeting all of the new faces! As always I am humbled by all of your great feedback. 🙂  It always makes me smile to know I have given my students something valuable to take home and put into use right away! (You are going to start using the stuff NOW right?)  … Read more »

It’s Women’s History Month & you rock! (March 31st event)

Calling all professional, chic and savvy businesswomen: In honor of Women’s History Month I am hosting an all ladies workshop entitled “Rock your events” in Beverly Hills (you can also watch online). I’m so excited to have the workshop Lavish Labels Borrowed. Join me there or watch online!   At this workshop you will learn: The main social media sites to use to promote your events How to effectively craft an… Read more »

How to use “Social Proof” to get more sales in your business

1st off what is social proof? Wikipedia defines it as “informational social influence”. It’s is a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others reflect correct behavior for a given situation. Plain speak: Folks will do what others do and assume actions when influenced by others in their social space. So how what does this do for your business and how will it make you more money? Here are a few things to… Read more »

Join me for a FREE broadcast TONIGHT @7pm PST? (Facebook + Video)

I wanted to write this brief blog post to invite you to join me ONLINE from anywhere in the world tomorrow @ 7pm PST for “Brand Me Wednesdays” with CEO TV. They are truly leading the way in digital marketing and tomorrow I am their special guest on their weekly social media broadcast! I will be talking briefly about using video and other cool tools and strategies to get more traffic to your… Read more »