What is Market My Vision®?

Market My Vision® is the step-by-step program for solopreneurs to authentically market their business and profit, solely using social media.

Market My Vision® (for the past year and a half) has been an application only program - meaning you couldn't get in without having been accepted as a private client for a minimum of 3 months.

BUT NOW you have the opportunity to work with Master Social Media Coach, Natalie Gouché in an intimate group of like minded small business owners, consultants and experts in this NEW, 30 day, accelerated format that is more affordable than private coaching.

For a limited time (and a limited number of seats) you can finally join the MMV experience. Live sessions start Sep 29th and enrollment is only open for 10 days only. We will sell out of seats!

Ready to get your social media marketing on track before 2017? Get on the waiting list to get special details on how to enroll when we open up the week of September 18th.

Market My Vision® Results

Pictured here are just a handful of some of my clients. Real estate trainers, brand strategists, fitness experts, lawyers, boutique owners, therapists, yoga instructors, estheticians, virtual assistants and more!

I've helped many of them:
- Showcase their expertise online
- Quit their corporate jobs
- Have their first 5 figure months
- Structure and streamline their social media
- Double and triple their income
- Build an engaged audience of fans, followers and clients
- Book clients strictly from online efforts
- Sell out their events

And so much more that I can't list here (or we would be here all day). Feel free to click the button below to read more about them, their struggles and successes!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this live in person or online?

Market My Vision® is an online program that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The course can be viewed on any mobile device and the bonus live sessions can be viewed in the same format. 

2. When can I get more details about the Market My Vision® Accelerated 30 Day program?

Make sure you hop on the waiting list. I will be sure to keep you posted on all of the details in the coming weeks. Add my email to your address so my emails don't end up in your "other" box. Enrollment will only be open for 10 days so you'll want to keep your eyes peeled.

3. Can men be part of the program too?

Of course! Although I work with many women and 98% of my private coaching clients are women, my eCourses, classes and virtual programs (like this) absolutely have male participants. We could use a few more great men in the group too. Join the waiting list below.
Yes! Add me to the waiting list