What is my Return on Investment Using Social Media?

Let’s cut to the chase! We keep hearing about social media this, social media that; Bottom line, you want to know how much you can really make using these free sites right?

I have a formula that works for most businesses. Understand that it varies but the point is to show you how to get more clients with less than 15 minutes a day using social media. You’re either in one of two places:

You… Read more »

10 ways to Gain Clients through Blogging [Event: July 7th]

Many business owners are just plain confused about Blogging; they don’t know how it work, what they are supposed to say or why they need to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. In “10 ways to Gain Clients through Blogging” you will learn: · The purpose of a blog and blogging · How to create a following · Tips on engaging your audience · How to sync your blog to social media sites · Strategy… Read more »

GimmeMo’ Social Media

 Hey guys, I’m super excited to be featured on the GimmeMo’ site  this week as the feature story for “What’s your M.O.?”.  The site is full of positive and inspiring stories and I’m humbled to be part of it. Stay tuned for my upcoming interview about being beautiful just the way you are. In the mean time check out the social media article by clicking the link below my fellow Moguls.

Model/Host Mogul Mom Wants To Do A Commercial For Your Business

Do you need a video/commercial for your company or brand? Partner with Mogul Mom for a perfect marriage of video marketing and your product! You get a professional seasoned Model/Host (Why ME of course), a professionally cut commercial, photoshoot and exposure to the global networks of myself,  Wealthy Minds and The Billionaire P.A. I’m talking Social Networks, Video Channels, Email Blast etc.) Does it get any better than that? Here is a sneak peak of one… Read more »

This Just In: Facebook 101 Class This Saturday, January 22nd

Join me Saturday @1pm in Los angeles. I will teach you how to use Facebook to explode your business!

Topic Include (not limited to): New Anatomy of FB Terminology and techniques Uploading content (videos, photos, notes etc) Social Media Managing tools 10 FB Starter tips Building relationships Targeting free leads and prospects Videos tactics to attract clients FB Fan Pages This Workshop Valued at $75. Your Cost $20 (I’m feeling good in the new… Read more »

Video Marketing Is Only For Pretty People

So you’re scared to get in front of the camera because you think you don’t have the look? You’re wrong! Video is not reserved for the pretty people! I hear so many people say, “The camera doesn’t like me, I’m not pretty, I don’t like the way I look”. What do I say to that? I say, “Get over yourself!” If you want to connect with people (especially in the internet world) you are going… Read more »

Want to advertise to thousands during the holiday? Oh yeah..for FREE?

Click the Video Above!

This year I am making a gift guide for the holidays. I am looking for people who want to form mutually beneficial relationships. Do you have a clothing line, jewelry, lotion, a book, any kind of product or service? I will place this gift guide with your product/ service here on my blog, social sites, all video sites, blast to my email list etc. and you do… Read more »