Coaches pitching after 2 minutes of “listening”… really?

I recently signed on a new 6 months coaching client from Texas. Yay! She found me on Instagram. YES, social media works people! After an amazing Social Success Discovery Call  she said she really appreciated how I actually listened to what she was saying and based my suggestions off of that. She mentioned that she got on the phone with another coach a few weeks back and this woman talked to her for 2… Read more »

The truth about Labor (as a solopreneur)

Before I go into my spiel I must say, “Happy Labor Day.” I do hope you’re taking some time to relax if possible. But the truth is… you may not be. And that’s okay for now. You own a business (and often times you probably use holidays to get some things done right?). I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.

How I Started

I remember when I first started in business 8 years ago, I was so… Read more »

Market My Vision® Waiting List & Complimentary Facebook Group

I’m over here reminiscing (and squealing with excitement) because I just opened up the waiting list for my (normally private) program that has helped my clients: Showcase their expertise online Quit their corporate jobs to work their businesses full time Have their first 5 figure months (and even weeks) Structure and streamline their social media Double and triple their income from previous years Build an engaged audience of fans, followers and clients Book clients strictly… Read more »

Mikki Bey Coaching Day (See why she skipped our lunch break)

I love full circle moments. When I first started my social media training and coaching company, Mikki did my make up for my headshots. We have stayed connected and watched one another on Facebook while silently cheering each other on. I remember when she opened her Lash shop in Los Angeles, I felt proud to know her. Then she was featured on Shark Tank, then Vogue (and more) so when she came to me for coaching I… Read more »

She struggled to fill seats, now she has outgrown her 2nd location w/ #MarketMyVision

Did she just tell me that… She outgrew her second location? She now is selling out ALL of her classes and creating waiting lists? She has clients flying in to attend her trainings? Yes, yes, yes! ALL of that plus more! Before Artricia became my ‪#‎MarketMyVision client she was already a master real estate trainer BUT she was having a hard time marketing her classes and filling them up. She was struggling to… Read more »

Midyear Marketing Check Up Class in Los Angeles June 29

Midyear Marketing Check Up Class [Los Angeles June 29 @ 12pm] @ LAX CoWorking. Join us!

RSVP at no cost:

This class will shine the light on your midyear marketing goals and help you identify how to move forward productively in the last 6 months of the year. We will cover: 1) Creating a consistent marketing schedule 2) How to create an editorial calendar 3) The… Read more »

Here I come Texas! (June 20-22nd)

Who is near Fort Worth, Texas? I will be out there June 20th – 22nd. Yeah baby! I haven’t been there in over a decade so I’m looking forward to it. I’d love to host a Meet N’ Greet and open up 1 spot for a private 1 on 1, full day coaching intensive. I live in California, and 90% of my clients opt to fly out to CA to kick off our coaching relationship… Read more »

Connecting Women to Power Conference 6/16 in Carson, CA

Build Your Personal Brand with Social Media and Software Don’t miss the opportunity to network, get inspired, and gain access to a wealth of resources at the 2016 Connecting Women to Power Business Conference on Thursday, June 16th, 2016, at California State University, Dominguez Hills. This is a full day event, packed with breakout sessions that will help you in every area of your business. One of the featured panels I will be part of will… Read more »

My Midyear Mistakes (Confessional)

While we aren’t technically (date wise) in the middle of the year, we are already in June so, we are pretty much there.  If you’re like me, you may need to reevaluate your marketing efforts as well as your business as a whole. Yes, even as a social media business coach, I make mistakes (and I’m not too prideful to admit it). I’m human, sheesh! In my latest video blog, I had to keep it way real… Read more »