Website Weekend Warriors is giving you pure value this weekend!

I am so excited about the Website Weekend Warriors event this weekend in Los Angeles. Just to show you the kind of value you are getting for the price, I put together a little breakdown of how much it would cost to hire separate web professionals to get your site up and ready to market! Take a look at these numbers! Average Web Design and Marketing Costs: Website content creation $1000+ Website construction starting at $2,000… Read more »

Privacy on Facebook: Is that why you aren’t using social media? Learn how to protect your Privacy

I hear this all of the time from my clients: • I want to protect my privacy • I don’t want everyone to see my updates • I don’t want everyone to find me • How do I block people? • How do I protect my photos?

The list goes on and on! Out of all of the issues people have with social media…Privacy seems to be #1. Little do many… Read more »

Sync your WordPress Blog to your LinkedIn Account

Let’s face it; Linkedin isn’t as fancy as the other social networks. That’s why we need to take advantage of free applications to spruce up your profile and get more attention. Connect to your LinkedIn connections with the WordPress LinkedIn Application. You can sync your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile. Updates are automatically sent to your network for instant notifications. How cool is that? While we are on the topic of Linkedin here… Read more »

What do I Blog about?

One of the most asked questions I get is “What do I blog about?” Here are a few things to remember: •You are the expert in your field and know more about your topic than most people •You can recycle content from newsletters, video clips and email blast (It doesn’t have to all be brand new content as long as it’s relevant) With that being said let’s talk about some good… Read more »

10 ways to Gain Clients through Blogging [Event: July 7th]

Many business owners are just plain confused about Blogging; they don’t know how it work, what they are supposed to say or why they need to incorporate it into their marketing strategy. In “10 ways to Gain Clients through Blogging” you will learn: · The purpose of a blog and blogging · How to create a following · Tips on engaging your audience · How to sync your blog to social media sites · Strategy… Read more »

Facebook Fan Page Marketing Broadcast (May 2nd)

Got a Facebook Fan Page but not getting noticed? Join me for a live interactive broadcast as I share some easy tips to boost your fan page numbers! When: May 2nd, 2011 Where: From your computer What time: 4pm PST (Check your timezone) Instructions: Click this link  and sign into the guest box with your name. If you are still debating on whether or not you need a Fan Page, check… Read more »

GimmeMo’ Social Media

 Hey guys, I’m super excited to be featured on the GimmeMo’ site  this week as the feature story for “What’s your M.O.?”.  The site is full of positive and inspiring stories and I’m humbled to be part of it. Stay tuned for my upcoming interview about being beautiful just the way you are. In the mean time check out the social media article by clicking the link below my fellow Moguls.