How to Properly Refer Business To Your Friends – No Hookups Please!

If you are reading this blog post you probably fall into 1 of these categories. Or maybe both? 1) You refer business to your friends 2) You are the one who people refer business to Either way, this vlog is for you.   Now, if you are referring business to your friends there are a few key words that need to be said during your conversation to ensure that your business buddy gets the BEST… Read more »

Get More Traffic To Your Vending Booth Using Twitter Search

Think Twitter is a waste of time? Having a dead booth at a vending event, sitting in the back and waiting for customers to walk up to you is a waste of time! Here is a quick video on how to maximize your vending opportunities by using Twitter’s search feature as well as #hashtags. What do you do to get more foot traffic? TWEET! Grab your smart phone or laptop and go to the Read more »

How to close business on Twitter (without picking up the phone)

Twitter can be scary to some and a waste of time to most people but the strategy I am going to show you below has worked for me time and time again. Sometimes it works immediately; sometimes days, weeks or even months after but it works! And it works perfectly while I’m sitting on my couch without picking up the phone!

#1 Visit and sign up for an account

#2 Add your Twitter… Read more »

The Truth About Holiday Email Marketing

It’s that time of year again! You should be thinking about your holiday marketing strategies. Every year, marketers expect to make big sales around the holidays and every year, they base their marketing tactics on the last year’s consumer behavior. To help you out this year, take a look at the reports of how consumers shopped during the 2011 holidays and learn how to get in on the action! Yes, it’s possible to… Read more »

To post or not to post? What you need to know about your reputation.

There are 900 million social media users plugged into Facebook alone, and nearly 500 million of them log into the social network every single day. In fact, in just one day on Facebook, 250 million photos are uploaded, and 532 million statuses are updated. And that doesn’t even count the millions of tweets sent, tumblrs updated, and instagrams snapped. With so much personal content constantly being uploaded to the web, it’s no small wonder that… Read more »

Replay: LIVE Q & A Session w/ Natalie and Nova (Thursday, August 9th)

                    Here is the recording from the FREE and LIVE video streamed Q&A session with the fabulous Motivational Speaker, Nova Browning Rutherford of In order to be confident in business you have to be confident in yourself right? This Q & A will discuss:  Getting over your fears, actualizing your dream, ending toxic relationships, how to find a mentor and lots… Read more »

[Contest] Why do you rock? + FREE tickets to #RockYourEvents 3/31

Let’s keep this short and sweet! I am giving away 2 FREE tickets to #RockYourEvents this Saturday in Beverly Hills at Lavish Labels Borrowed. (You can also watch online.) All you have to do: #1 Tweet the event link and hastag #RockYourEvents w/ @NatalieGouche to your network. Say why you ROCK as a female business owner and why you deserve to get a FREE ticket. Keep it under 140 baby! #2… Read more »

It’s Women’s History Month & you rock! (March 31st event)

Calling all professional, chic and savvy businesswomen: In honor of Women’s History Month I am hosting an all ladies workshop entitled “Rock your events” in Beverly Hills (you can also watch online). I’m so excited to have the workshop Lavish Labels Borrowed. Join me there or watch online!   At this workshop you will learn: The main social media sites to use to promote your events How to effectively craft an… Read more »