2 Births on Friday the 13th

I know the photo is blurry but read on… Today is my baby girl’s 8th Birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE! This photo is from 2011. We are all smiles but what people don’t know is that this photo was taken when we (my husband, daughter and I) had just moved with my mother in law because we were broke and couldn’t afford to stay in our place. 2 self employed parents at the start… Read more »

How My Little Helper Made a BIG impact!

On Tuesday night I hosted a Social Media 102 workshop in Los Angeles for some fabulous entrepreneurs and business owners. I decided to allow my daughter to actively help; check people in, give them name tags etc. She was thrilled. (Like literally squealing when I told her she could help!)   After the class I received this email: “Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop last night. I learned soooo much! You are… Read more »

Marketing copy from M.A.C makeup? (Get inspired inside)

While waiting to get my eyebrows done over the weekend I saw this Wonder Woman Ad for M.A.C makeup. Thought I’d play around and switch it to business terms just for fun!

“Banish any thoughts of being an average business owner. Natalie Gouche’ is here with super heroine training to get your business wonder-working in no time! Available at http://NatalieGouche.com


Have fun! Get your marketing inspiration from… Read more »

Replay: LIVE Q & A Session w/ Natalie and Nova (Thursday, August 9th)

                    Here is the recording from the FREE and LIVE video streamed Q&A session with the fabulous Motivational Speaker, Nova Browning Rutherford of ButILoveMeMore.com In order to be confident in business you have to be confident in yourself right? This Q & A will discuss:  Getting over your fears, actualizing your dream, ending toxic relationships, how to find a mentor and lots… Read more »

Support a Small Business on Mother’s Day (Gift Guide)

I’m so proud to present to you over 15+ small businesses in my 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide. Forget waiting in lines at stores this year. Support a small business and get something unique and fun! I have hand picked items you can buy online (as well as get locally in Los Angeles). Feel free to download the guide, embed it on your site, print out as well as share all… Read more »

Want to be featured in my 2012 Mother’s Day Gift Guide?

As you know I LOVE supporting small business owners and I encourage everyone to do the same. For Valentine’s Day I did a Gift Guide and I shared it with my network (over 10k people). It was a hit!

Click here to check out 2012 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide HERE

All of my promotion created some buzz in Google and the gift guide got picked up by “The Street” (an… Read more »

[Contest] Why do you rock? + FREE tickets to #RockYourEvents 3/31

Let’s keep this short and sweet! I am giving away 2 FREE tickets to #RockYourEvents this Saturday in Beverly Hills at Lavish Labels Borrowed. (You can also watch online.) All you have to do: #1 Tweet the event link http://bit.ly/RockYourEvents and hastag #RockYourEvents w/ @NatalieGouche to your network. Say why you ROCK as a female business owner and why you deserve to get a FREE ticket. Keep it under 140 baby! #2… Read more »

Support a Small Business on Valentine’s Day (V-Day Gift Guide)

I am so excited and proud to offer you all my Valentine’s Day Gift guide which is a compiled of Small business owners locally in Los Angeles as well as all over the United States. I encourage you to use this guide for your Valentine’s Day shopping instead of purchasing from a BIG retailer. This is the perfect guide for those of you who want to creatively surprise the one you love (Him or Her)…. Read more »