Feature your business in the 2013 Mother’s Day Gift Guide (Hurry!)

It’s that time of year again! Mother’s Day will be here sooner than you know it and I’m rallying around my small business owners as usual. As you know, I LOVE supporting small business owners and I encourage everyone to do the same when it comes to shopping on a regular basis and especially on holidays. For the last 3 years I have done a gift guide for most every major… Read more »

Marketing copy from M.A.C makeup? (Get inspired inside)

While waiting to get my eyebrows done over the weekend I saw this Wonder Woman Ad for M.A.C makeup. Thought I’d play around and switch it to business terms just for fun!

“Banish any thoughts of being an average business owner. Natalie Gouche’ is here with super heroine training to get your business wonder-working in no time! Available at http://NatalieGouche.com


Have fun! Get your marketing inspiration from… Read more »

Are you sending “Booty Call” Emails?

Okay… so what’s a booty call email? I mean, you are an adult so I don’t have to explain the booty call part BUT I will explain the email part. You’ve been rippin’ and runnin’ all day, your phone has been ringing off the hook, you’ve barely had a bite to eat and you walk in the house at 10:00pm and slap yourself on the forehead because you realized that you didn’t get that email… Read more »

1st Time Entrepreneurs: Get Your Business Incorporated FREE With eMinutes

I have an amazing resource for entrepreneurs that I’m crazy excited about. Not only because I have dedicated my business to helping entrepreneurs but because this resource (eMinutes) has helped my company!

eMinutes is on a mission to help 500 entrepreneurs incorporate for free.  You heard me! Free means free! They are even paying the filing fees! If you are a first-time entrepreneur in Texas, California or New York, and you have… Read more »

What’s In Store For Small Businesses in 2013? (Great Stats)

This is a great info-graphic I had to share! I have to say, out of the social networks that people are using I wasn’t surprised at all that (higher than Facebook) was BLOGGING! If you still aren’t blogging you are missing out on so much business from Google! You can drive massive traffic to your site using trending topics, pop culture, gossip and more. See this video I did on Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy (that yielded me 8… Read more »

How Obama Raised $690 Million (With Catchy Email Subject lines)

One fascination in a presidential race mostly bereft of intrigue was the strange, incessant, and weirdly overfamiliar e-mails that emanated from the Obama campaign. Anyone who shared an address with the campaign soon started receiving messages from Barack Obama with subject lines such as “Join me for dinner?” “It’s officially over,” “It doesn’t have to be this way,” or just “Wow.” Jon Stewart mocked them on the Daily Show. The women’s website the Hairpin… Read more »

Get More Traffic To Your Vending Booth Using Twitter Search

Think Twitter is a waste of time? Having a dead booth at a vending event, sitting in the back and waiting for customers to walk up to you is a waste of time! Here is a quick video on how to maximize your vending opportunities by using Twitter’s search feature as well as #hashtags. What do you do to get more foot traffic? TWEET! Grab your smart phone or laptop and go to the Read more »

Horror Stories: Groupons & Deep Discount Deals Hurting Small Business?

I think we can all agree that discounts are an important part of any business, but when do these so called deals hurt small businesses? BEWARE and think about these things:

#1 Limit the amount of coupons a customer can redeem

#2 Plan for a busy day and make sure you have enough staff to cover your floor (if you have a brick and mortar business). Having too many customers you can’t serve can cause bad… Read more »

How to close business on Twitter (without picking up the phone)

Twitter can be scary to some and a waste of time to most people but the strategy I am going to show you below has worked for me time and time again. Sometimes it works immediately; sometimes days, weeks or even months after but it works! And it works perfectly while I’m sitting on my couch without picking up the phone!

#1 Visit Socialoomph.com and sign up for an account

#2 Add your Twitter… Read more »