2 C’s of Social Media – Consistency and…

Just wrapped up a group session with some of my private clients in the 90 day Market My Vision program. These ladies are on FIYAAAAHH. **In my Alicia Keys voice 🙂   1) Ladonna and Christine launched their site and their social media reach is increasing daily due to the targeted ad strategy I taught 2) Tanisha booked another client using my blueprint and she also launched her free download to begin growing her… Read more »

You, Me, 1 hour and 7 Email Tips Later (Webinar – Sep 17th)

First impressions matter – how are YOU doing with your emails? This webinar will help you avoid common mistakes and maximize your emails for powerful impact! Join me on September 17th and  learn: Branding beyond the logo – how placement, pictures, even colors can reinforce recognition & engagement Readability – including fonts, white space and single-column design Images – including sizing, placement, links and more Share-ability – are you going social with your email? Easy tips to encourage more cross-platform engagement Join me for this fast, info-packed webinar packed with tips,… Read more »

1 Facebook Ad Did All Of This… (From guide to event to client)

I love how the internet works! Watch this…My VIP coaching client Tanisha was introduced to me from her sister who saw my Facebook ad and this happened:

1) Tanisha and her sister downloaded this (complimentary) guide 2) Both came to one of my (complimentary) workshop 3) Both then attended a (complimentary) Instagram Webinar 4) Both attended another (paid) brunch event 5) Tanisha became a (paid)… Read more »

Business Purpose in 2015

Today’s blog post is going to be one with little text because I simply say it all in this video. So let’s just call this one a vlog instead shall we? 🙂 Wishing you all a prosperous and purpose filled New Year! P.S. I’m launching an all new coaching program in the coming months. If you’re a solopreneur with a deep desire to reach the world with your message, product and service, jump on my… Read more »

1 Holiday Marketing Strategy You Can Borrow From Sephora

Yesterday I received a delightful email from Sephora. (The ladies will know this name well) So anyway, they sent me a gift card for $15 and I was smiling ear to ear. I mean who doesn’t like an unexpected gift? They gave me $15 to spend BUT I had to make a minimum purchase of $50 at one time for the $15 gift card to be valid. Can you say, “Brilliant!!!” What a way to… Read more »

How My Little Helper Made a BIG impact!

On Tuesday night I hosted a Social Media 102 workshop in Los Angeles for some fabulous entrepreneurs and business owners. I decided to allow my daughter to actively help; check people in, give them name tags etc. She was thrilled. (Like literally squealing when I told her she could help!)   After the class I received this email: “Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop last night. I learned soooo much! You are… Read more »

How to Properly Refer Business To Your Friends – No Hookups Please!

If you are reading this blog post you probably fall into 1 of these categories. Or maybe both? 1) You refer business to your friends 2) You are the one who people refer business to Either way, this vlog is for you.   Now, if you are referring business to your friends there are a few key words that need to be said during your conversation to ensure that your business buddy gets the BEST… Read more »

[NEW] Get MORE fans to see your Facebook Posts by changing 2 settings

Here we go again! The battle of your Facebook Fanpage postings NOT being seen. I made this simple video to give you the latest tip on how to get your fans to see it. Let me now how this works for you okay? P.S. I did a 2 part video on more strategies to get your posts seen a few weeks ago and it helped a ton of people’s content get shown. You can see… Read more »