How to Automate & Syndicate Social Media Content **Easier than manual scheduling

I love sharing tools that work so I had to share this one!

I encourage all my clients and students to schedule their social media postings. It can save hours a month if you do it in advance. But let’s be honest… even taking 30-45 minutes a week to schedule a week’s worth of content on social media (via hootsuite or another tool) still may seem tough so, I have a solution!

I used to use a free service to automatically post certain blogs I follow to my twitter feed (since I don’t use it often but want to stay “active) Well the service moved to a paid one! So I was on the look out today for one that would do the same at no cost.

I found (free) which allows you to choose your favorite blogs/feeds and it will automatically post it to your social media channels of choice. Twitter, FB, LinkedIn etc.

You can have stuff wait in your queue or simply have it posted as soon as the blog publishes it. Perfect for those social networks that you’re not super active on but want to still share content without manually scheduling.

P.S. If you want to be completely hands off (like me on certain social networks like Twitter) I recommend choosing blogs you 100% trust for your brand. Like you may choose to syndicate articles from something like entrepreneur mag etc. or another trusted source.

Hope this helps some of you out! I set it up and it’s already syndicated several post from different blogs (with ease.) I Love it already! Feel free to check out my twitter @NatalieGouche to see what I mean.