Original shows on Facebook? Whoa! [Video]

While logging into Facebook I saw (yet again) another change. Instead of being completely annoyed that they moved stuff around… this time I was intrigued by the prompt to “watch the shows my friends are talking about.” Say what? You mean I can watch ‘POWER’ without having HBO? lol No, that’s not what they meant. They meant original shows and episodes that essentially live on Facebook and are released on Facebook. See for yourself.


According to Business insider:

“Called Watch, the new area includes a wide range of videos of varying lengths, including scripted series, live shows that feature hosts responding in real time to viewer questions, and Major League Baseball games and other sports events.

Watch, which will be available through Facebook’s mobile app as its own tab, desktop website, and newer TV app, was tested with a small portion of Facebook users in the US over the past couple of weeks. Starting Thursday, hundreds of shows will be available to a broader group of Facebook users, a company representative told Business Insider.

Watch represents Facebook’s push into the market of professional, episodic video, a move that pits the social network against more established players in the space like Netflix and YouTube.”

Facebook is usually spot on with trends, either creating them or (let’s be honest) stealing them from other social media platforms. So, here is a hint ya’ll. Start thinking about some short, creative content you can share with your tribe. It won’t be long before we see Facebook TV!