Doing these 6 Simple Things on Social Media? You should be (period)! [STAPLES Feature]

I recently was asked by STAPLES to share some of my simple social media tips with their business community via video. You know I love video, so of course I said yes! Plus, I was thrilled to work with a company I’ve been buying my business supplies from for years. Side note: They found me on Instagram from my content and hashtags. How cool is that? Told you those hashtags work baby! **We can talk about positioning yourself for opportunities like this + booking clients¬†on another post.

Anyway, in the 1st video I share what you can do to make the most of your social presence (without spreading yourself too thin). You can implement these today and start to develop a more authentic connection with your audience, have a better understanding of who you’re speaking to¬†and save yourself time by focusing on the platforms that make the most sense for your business.


I’m diving deep into the topics above in my upcoming¬†8 week group coaching¬†program starting in August. You can apply by July 27th for details by clicking here.)
It’s invite only and¬†includes very specific tactics for service providers – consultants, coaches, experts, educators, trainers and those with a program or class to fill.¬†I’m going step by step into my proven client attraction strategies (that have helped many of my clients make¬†over $10,000 per month after working with me) using storytelling, webinars, Facebook ads, Discovery Calls and¬†email marketing.

So on to the next video…

I share 3 more tips to help you build credibility in an authentic way. This is easy peasy stuff you can start doing now. Especially the 80/20 rule!


I hope you got some quick, actionable insight from these short videos. Please let me know the first thing you’re going to do in the comments below. No really, I wanna hear from you!

And if you’ve been watching my client success stories from a while like:

  • Merissa who booked $10k in business in just two weeks
  • Artricia who began selling out all of her classes and¬†just did $9,985 on her first webinar
  • Lanisha who sold out 10 spots to her real estate membership site on her first attempt
  • Roger who booked $12,000 in new clients in 30 days without even much of a social media presence
  • Kylie whose 1st videos series gained over 4,000 views & allowed¬†her¬†to have one of her best financial quarters

I’d love to invite you to join me in this intimate group! The list of success stories goes on and on. You can read more testimonies here. I’ll be taking a dive deep into the marketing strategies I used with all of the examples above in this in the upcoming #MarketMyVision group program starting in just about a week.¬†Let’s make a success story out of you in 8 weeks!