💰 She made $9,985 on her first ever webinar 🙌🏽

🎉Can we STOP for a moment and celebrate my client Artricia and her $9985 win?

She had 20 enrollments into her program within the first few hours of her FIRST ever webinar. Yup! She had never done one before.

💰And in total sales using the webinar formula, Facebook ads and email follow ups I coached her on… she generated the rest in 30 days just in one income stream (not including the sold out classes she now has).

🙄 I could tell you what I do in my business and some people would roll their eyes and say “Well that’s YOU.” So I prefer to brag on what I help my clients do instead.

So here is the deal… I wanna create a few more brag stories in the next 8 weeks. Can we do that? Why not you? You’ve been watching. And there are even more testimonies here: http://nataliegouche.com/testimonies 

📞 I’m doing my FINAL group coaching of the year starting in a few weeks so lets chat. If you have a service or program you want to fill that ranges anywhere from $200 to $5,000 or more.

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Quick details:

✔️ It’s ALL virtual so you can be anywhere in the world (you don’t have to fly out to CA like my other clients)

✔️ Its an accelerated version of what I do for my private clients in my 6 month program, so there is a significant savings since it’s shorter time & with a group

✔️ There won’t be another opportunity this year so hop on now

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