Market My Vision® Waiting List & Complimentary Facebook Group

I’m over here reminiscing (and squealing with excitement) because I just opened up the waiting list for my (normally private) program that has helped my clients:

  • Showcase their expertise online
  • Quit their corporate jobs to work their businesses full time
  • Have their first 5 figure months (and even weeks)
  • Structure and streamline their social media
  • Double and triple their income from previous years
  • Build an engaged audience of fans, followers and clients
  • Book clients strictly from online efforts
  • Sell out their events

And lots more! I could be here listing stuff all day, but you’ve got stuff to do so… join the waiting list below as well as my complimentary Facebook group.

Join The Market My Vision® Waiting List

market my vision waiting listSeptember is pretty exciting because for the first time (in almost 2 years) I am opening this program up. Previously, you had to apply to be part of it and be accepted as a private coaching client for a minimum of 90 days.

While I love (really love) working 1 on 1 with my VIP clients, the messages, comments and emails asking me for social media help have lead me to oblige.

It’s happening at the end of September with a limited group, for a limited amount of time and a significantly lower investment than private coaching. Click here to get on the list to get the details.