My Midyear Mistakes (Confessional)

While we aren’t technically (date wise) in the middle of the year, we are already in June so, we are pretty much there.  If you’re like me, you may need to reevaluate your marketing efforts as well as your business as a whole.

Yes, even as a social media business coach, I make mistakes (and I’m not too prideful to admit it). I’m human, sheesh!

In my latest video blog, I had to keep it way real in hopes that my honesty will help you take a look at what you’ve got to do to get back on track.

Once you watch the video you’ll understand why I shot it in the car, and you’ll hear my 4 #MidyearMistakes.


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A Little Breakdown of My Mistakes


Whenever I do videos, my social media engagement goes up, I get more inquiries to speak, more client inquiries and the bonus – I build a deeper connection with my you.  And honestly, I prefer to talk than write so videos are enjoyable.

While doing live broadcasts using Periscope or Facebook Live is the easiest way (for me and many people) to do no fuss videos because it requires no editing. ** I recommend taking advantage of these tools if you don’t know how to edit videos. I usually do a few things with my videos to really maximize my reach. Here are some tips below. And keep in mind you don’t have to be on all of these social networks, I’m just sharing my video strategy,

a. Upload the video to Youtube and Facebook directly (Facebook loves for you to upload videos on the native site opposed to sharing it via a Youtube link).
b. Run an add (The right way) I’m talking $5 to $10 bucks to start and reach thousands. Don’t know how? Here is a Facebook Ads course for beginners.
c.  If you have a blog, post the video there too. You don’t have to write a ton of text. In fact, this blog is more than I usually write since I put most of what I want to say in videos, but I wanted to add some extra value. I hope it’s helpful. 🙂
d. Utilize short snippets on Instagram to promo the video and drive traffic to either your blog and/or other social media sites where the full video lives.
e. Lastly, email your database. You do have an email database RIGHT? If not, get on it asap! Here is a free trial to get going.

Ask for your Feedback

I haven’t given you a survey this year. Eeek! I usually do this a few times a year just to keep my ear to the streets and learn more about what you want. I did a survey similar to this when I launched my signature #MarketMyVision program and it actually shaped what I put into the course and program as well as my tagline.

Just a rule of thumb it’s great to simply ASK people what they want and need from you instead of guessing. That way when you create a new program, item, course, service etc. you are giving people exactly what they need. Super simple but ridiculously golden tip that has generated me tens of thousands of dollars. Seriously!

Don’t make it more than 5 or so questions. Keep it short and sweet my friends. Aint nobody got time for that! lol Make it mainly multiple choice with an “other option” for people to fill in what they want should you leave out an option. This what you can use the words your audience uses when you create your next thing. It makes a difference.

Lastly, feel free to give some sort of incentive for them to fill it out. Maybe a coupon, enter them into a drawing, a complimentary download of some sort. Think creatively. Here are a few free forms sites you can use to create your survey-> Wufoo, Survey Monkey, Typeform. Oh, and look out from one for me soon.

Create a Mid Range Product for You

Right now I basically have 2 ways to consume my uber valuable paid content.

1 – My lower end courses (ranging from $25 to $99) You can find them by clicking here.

2- My premium coaching. See some testimonies and apply for coaching here.

Now while this is all fine and dandy (sort of) there is no middle. I have lower end products, then I jump to premium 1 on 1 coaching. So what about the people who need more than the self study courses but aren’t ready for my coaching just yet. Well that’s why I’m creating a lil somethin’ somehtin’ for you in July. I’m here to serve and I’ve heard your feedback. Stay tuned!

Let You Know What’s Been Going on Via Email

I’m pretty good social media wise. I generally use at least 1 social media site daily (at minimum) whether I schedule content or I go on natively through my phone app or computer to make an update. I ask my clients to do the same so at least you know I’m walkin’ the walk.

I love sharing photos, quotes, text, inspirational videos etc. So chances are if you follow me on my Facebook or Instagram page you know about my speaking engagements, awards, coaching opportunities and travel dates. But I haven’t kept my email list up to date on this stuff. My bad! FYI, if you aren’t part of my awesome sauce mailing list just click here to hop on.

Now in my defense, I have several email list (some of which I keep in contact with more than others depending on their needs). But what I mean is my general email list hasn’t heard from my as frequently. It’s been about once a month (or a little less) but I have got to get back to regular communication.

Now it’s your turn to be honest. What can you do better? What are some things you need to start or finish? What are some of your #MidYearMistakes? Comment below and tweet me. I’d love to hear from you!