Mom of 4 “expects to be able to accomplish anything” after #MarketMyVision Coaching

All of my ‪#‎MarketMyVision‬ coaching clients are special, but for me it’s especially rewarding to finally be able to work with someone 1 on 1 who has been to my live workshops, attended online events and been part of my community for (4+) years.

Charisse (a super mom of 4, daycare owner, educator and head mama in charge) is branching out into doing events, workshops and webinars to serve women who need parenting support for their preschool aged children. We are working on filling up her workshops via social media and monetizing her knowledge into various programs.

To see her eyes literally tear up when we created and made her 1st event page LIVE, was priceless. I could feel her energy, excitement and sigh of relief like, “I’m actually doing this and I’m not alone.”

Yes, Charrise, you’re doing it and I am so honored to support you on this journey mama!

mom of 4 social media coaching testimony with natalie gouche
Charisse says:
“I think my biggest challenge was believing in myself to take the 1st step. After taking the 1st step with you I feel like I have been running ever since (in a good way) lol.
Doubt was standing in my way. Logistically just not knowing what to say, how to structure things and worrying about how it would all work out.
After today, I am walking away with confidence and Inspiration. You filled up my tank and I’m ready to go!

I expect to be able to accomplish anything I want to do now! This is one of the greatest feelings; I want everyone to feel it with me!”


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