3 Tips to grow + nurture your social media tribe (no matter how small)

I recently facilitated a complimentary call with a lovely lady who was seeking coaching with me. One of the things we discussed was the fact that she didn’t have a “tribe” and she was very focused on that when really (I saw) a larger issue…

So what do I mean by “tribe”? I mean your peeps, your folks, the ones who engage with you online. Cheer for you. Encourage you. Refer you. You get it now right?

I’ve seen this before where people compare themselves to what someone has done (audience wise) when they are starting off. And that’s never a good thing, especially when it makes you feel like what you’re doing is inadequate. Oh and by the way, this lady totally had a tribe. It was a mindset thing. Marketing means nothing without the right mindset. But I digress.

I talk about “P.B’s” in this broadcast below. You’ll know what that means when you watch it. It’s uber important that we practice this often.

Now, before you watch it, can I joke around a bit and tell you that I did not pop out of my mother’s womb with an email marketing list or a tribe lol. I had to build one, and so do you!

Person by person. Social media post by social media post. Email by email. Event by event.

It’s a process.

So how do you build one or nurture your “tribe”? I share some guidance around these points below.

  1. Be consistent with a small audience
  2. Stop Comparing yourself
  3. Get a system in place

If this was helpful share it and certainly comment below and let me know your biggest takeaways!

P.S. Need additional help? I got ya. Just go here.