7x Return on Facebook ads (in 7 days)

Just got off of a session with my‬ client, Andrea who made 7 times more than what she invested in Facebook ads after 1 week.

In our intensive, I coached her on ad basics (wording, images, laser targeting her audience etc.) and she had a campaign running before she went home. It performed well (obviously) and that was just a test!

Here is what she said about coaching with me:

“Facebook ads were my biggest challenge and creating newsletters for my clients. I just needed the knowledge on how to put it together to feel comfortable with the content I put in.

I didn’t know if I was doing it correctly..

Now (after coaching with Natalie) I’m excited because I feel like what I learned is going to generate revenue for my company. I’m excited about implementing new things and seeing the results.

I like the systems we put together and I don’t have to stress about posting daily yet, I’ll always having something going on.Natalie was awesome. She explained it all and made it easy. I was worried it would be too techy but it wasn’t!”

-Andrea of Shop Madison G.

If you’ve tried it on your own and you’re tired of trying to figure it out, tired of the costly mistakes, tired of using “google university” to piece together random info together about marketing… that’s where my coaching comes in.

My clients get results: http://nataliegouche.com/testimonies/ << See for yourself.

If you’re committed to doing the same in 2016 and you’re actively seeking support, guidance and coaching click on the “Apply for Coaching” button on the top of this page.

Cheers to a fabulous 2016!