I was putting in the work but there was no catch…

Have you ever felt cheated by discounting or offering your services for dang near FREE? Keep reading! I’m excited to share this…

There is this thing that too many entrepreneurs struggle with. It’s called, “CHARGING YOUR WORTH!”. The 2nd biggest struggle online these days? Attracting people who are willing to invest in your worth. Raise your hand if you struggle with that?

One of my brilliant and passionate VIP clients was not getting paid at all for her services before coming to me. Even with all of her knowledge, she wasn’t getting paid what she desired. See, you can be amazing at what you do, but masterful marketing is what brings in the income.

natalie gouche testimony

Sethlina said, “I have been taking on FREE coaching clients for a while now. I couldn’t bring myself to charge women whose hearts were breaking and in desperate need of help.”

[Side note: A huge part of being coached is you have to be willing to FOLLOW what your coach is teaching you and make a decision to not give up if it doesn’t work the 1st time. You have to trust the process and push through UNTIL you get your breakthrough, like Sethlina. I would love to see how I can support you in this. Apply for a complimentary Social Success Discovery Call today.]


She goes on to say, “I was putting in the work but there was no catch. I admit, I got discouraged but I went back and reviewed the info Natalie taught me I decided to try again. I DISCOVERED WHAT WAS MISSING and I am happy to say that it’s WORKING! I finally got my first 2 real (PAYING) Coaching clients from social media!”

Less than a month into coaching with me, she booked 2 new ideal clients with your new programs and pricing structure. These are the kinds of testimonies that make me smile! She was willing to put in the work and push past her doubt.

Not only am I helping Sethlina attract her ideal clients, she certainly embodies an ideal client for me.

Natalie Gouché