College, Pregnancy, Hubby and a Conference

I met my (now) husband on the campus of Dominguez Hills in 2005 and got pregnant in 2006. I remember going to classes on campus with this tiny belly (still hadn‘t told my parents) because having a baby and not being married was a No-No.

Fast forward. I started my business to stay home with my daughter and used social media to grow it. When I was able to quit my job, I began teaching others how to use social media to grow their businesses too.

Since I’ve started my business I have been big on attending valuable conferences and for the last 4 years I’ve attended the “Connecting Women To Power” conference on the campus of my old school where I met my husband. I’ve sat at the conference and said to myself, “I’d love to speak at this event with female business owners.”

Today I was invited to speak at the “Connecting Women To Power” Conference. On the same campus where my journey to adulthood and Entrepreneurship started.

natalie gouche at connecting women to power conference


Talk about wow moments. Today was one of them

P.S. This is so powerful because when I said to myself that I wanted to speak at this conference… I actually believed I could! It wasn’t just a thought. I knew it would happen.
What do you believe can happen in your business?