[Download] How To (Easily) Create an Editorial Calendar for Social Media

I surveyed a group of small business owners and was surprised about their biggest social media struggle. It wasn’t “growing a following” or “locating their ideal client”… it was simply having the time to post. I mean, with running a business, taking care of family and wearing ten thousand different hats, I can’t say I am completely surprised.

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Social media doesn’t need to be a full time job to produce results (seriously!) so I put together a quick video on how to create an editorial concepts calendar to help you draft your social media content. You can use this strategy for any month in the year. This is the exact type of document I used for a national brand campaign I worked on a few months ago. They aren’t doing rocket science stuff folks. They just do what we (small business owners) do on a bigger scale, with more people and of course, they are much more organized than the usual scatter brained small business owner. It’s time for us to get it together! Don’t you agree?

Watch the video below, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more tips and download your sample editorial concepts calendar (below) to get your booty in high gear for March. Side note: Can you believe March will be here in no time? CRAZY! I have an opportunity for you to get more of this juicy stuff in it’s entirety before then, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox okay?

After you watch the video, download the slides here.  No opt in required, just have at it and don’t let it go to waste because you don’t have the time to implement, okay? I look forward to hearing how this helps you!

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