How My Little Helper Made a BIG impact!

On Tuesday night I hosted a Social Media 102 workshop in Los Angeles for some fabulous entrepreneurs and business owners. I decided to allow my daughter to actively help; check people in, give them name tags etc. She was thrilled. (Like literally squealing when I told her she could help!)

social media 101 102 los angeles


After the class I received this email:

“Thanks so much for a wonderful workshop last night. I learned soooo much! You are clearly passionate about your topic and training and that translated into the audience receiving your content enthusiastically. I also enjoyed that your daughter was a part of your work. That was very inspirational to me as an emerging entrepreneur and mommy who wants a career with the flexibility to be present for my daughter.”

I was so proud of my daughter for being such a wonderful little helper but the fact that she got to see mommy in action and help, plus inspire the other mothers in the room… that was the icing on the cake!

Mothers, business doesn’t stop because you have kids. You can find ways to get them involved and work around and with them. It will not only make an impact on their character but it will impact others who are watching you as well!