Bad Social Media Etiquette + 4 Tips For Quality Social Networking

If I get another spammy message I am going to scream!!!!! (Yes with 4 exclamation marks) lol

Here is how it usually happens – well for me at least.

You get excited to see you have a new message on Facebook, only to be disappointed when you open it because you immediately notice a link with no proper introduction and the oh so noticeable “copy and paste” message that probably was sent to 10 people before you. If you are doing this… STOP! I beg you! And if this isn’t you, but you are tired of it, just send those spammy folks this blog post when you get hit!

1) Introduce yourself properly and do your research on them
2) Don’t spam them with your website link and assume they need it
3) Be genuinely interested in them first.
4) Be yourself… ALWAYS

Hope that was helpful! For more, download my 7 page social media guide and checklist.