3 Things you can learn from Beauty Blogger Michelle Phan

Last week while I waited to get my eyebrows threaded I grabbed a magazine. I picked up a Glamour mag from October 2013 and was immediately drawn to an article on Michelle Phan who is a beauty blogger and youtube sensation. I love to hear about women who have used social media to create a life they’ve always dreamed of, so I sat there and dug into the article as I waited for my name to be called.


I of course was impressed with the success Michelle has had (enough to be featured in Glamour) but was even more impressed by her humble words and what it took for her to get where she’s at today. She talks about her struggles growing up, her family being broke, sleeping on the floor and lots more. Michelle says:

“At the time, I was keeping a personal blog in which I depicted myself as the girl I wanted to be, with money and a great family. But it was all a veneer. In reality my life was hard, and I was struggling with insecurities I’d had for years.”

This resonated with me because there was a time in my  career where my husband, daughter  and I had to move in with my mother in law because we were dead broke, yet I kept blogging, doing my webinars, sending my emails and working hard while no one had a clue what was going on. The hard work paid off and the next year I made 6 figures in my business, paid off debt and hubby and I bought a new house. It’s always easy for people to look at folks “success” and not understand what it took to get there, so I always share this with other entrepreneurs so they know exactly where I come from. I also will be teaching all of the strategies I used via my social media group coaching starting in a few weeks. You can get the details by entering your email here.

So back to the article… Michelle, scrounged up the money to go to design school and the first video she made (as a hobby) was a video on natural make up. She goes on to say:

“In 2012, four years and 200 videos later, my channel was so successful that Google offered me $1 million to create 20 hours of content. It was an incredible opportunity: Out of all the online beauty experts, they had picked me, the person who filmed in her bedroom!”

Can you say WOWZERS??? Now clearly, this won’t happen to everyone who picks up a camera and starts shooting videos but it’s possible! And all we need are stories like this to give us hope. With hope, faith, hard work and discipline, the sky is the limit! Don’t you agree?

A few take aways from this article:

1) You don’t need to have a perfect life to make an impact on others. You can inspire people right where you are in your life.

2) Don’t look at people who have had success and think it came easy (unless they are a reality star lol) There’s always a back story.

3) PUT in the work in to get to where you want, and just know there will be some struggles. Don’t give up. It makes a damn good story!

You can read the entire article on Michelle here.

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I’ve actually never heard of her until about a month ago. I love hearing about success stories because it gives me the confidence to continue to work hard on my dreams!