STILL using Gmail, Yahoo & AOL to send business emails? ($500 for $15 Email Bonus inside)

If you have ever attended one of my workshops you have definitely heard me say, “Social media is free, which means you don’t own it!” What would you do if your Facebook, YouTube or Twitter got shut down today? Well, if you haven’t been collecting email addresses from your fans and followers you might be totally distraught! I encourage all business owners to own a piece of their marketing and not rely on all free stuff. (And owning it means you pay for it) What’s the #1 paid marketing tool I recommend? An Email Marketing Program!


You may be saying, “I use Yahoo, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL etc and that works just fine.”

To that I ask…


Do your prospects and customers think you are unprofessional?
Do you  know who opened your email or if it was even delivered?
Can you track who clicked what? I mean as a business owner you should be testing not hoping right?
Are you protecting your prospects emails instead of CC’ing them in the email for everyone to see?
Are you able to see who sent your email to spam or who forwarded it?
Can you make beautiful templates with photos, videos and your branding?
Can someone easily share your email to Facebook, Twitter, etc with a click of a button and make it social?


It’s okay… I’ll wait while you answer those questions ūüôā


At my workshop last week I opened up this special to the #RockYourEvents attendees, but since it ends today I thought I would share it with you too.

Bonus Valid 3/31/2014 Only

$500 Email Marketing  Bonuses for only $15
If you are one of those people who knows you are missing out on money because your email marketing game isn’t up to par, you will want to grab the same email marketing system I have used for 5 years for only $15 that comes with a free coach and…
3 months bonus of:
    1. Social campaigns (to grow your social following)
    2. Survey marketing (to see what your customers need and deliver it to them)
    3. Event marketing  (so you can create beautiful landing pages to register attendees for off and online events)
    4. + BONUS Website Match (so your email template can be an exact match of your website. See below)

Forgive me when I say, “You’d be half crazy if you didn’t get this!” lol. ¬†It’s only valid today and only valid for NEW Constant Contact customers.¬†Click here to get it¬†then:
– Choose email marketing to start
– Choose all 4 products and add your credit card to the account.
– On the very last page of the payment process add the promo-code MARCH2014. This will apply a 100% discount to EventSpot, Social Campaigns and Survey.
If you have any questions, contact me here.


Remember, the 3 months bonus of Social Campaigns, Survey Marketing, Event Marketing + the Website Match (all valued over $500) is only $15 TODAY ONLY so get on it by CLICKING HERE.