Are you willing to “sit on the floor” for your success?

I hosted a business event earlier this year, and some of the attendees complained about standing for an hour (when they paid less than $40 to attend to hear info worth $10,000+) I laughed and thought, “They don’t want it bad enough.” See, the people I LOVE to work with are HUNGRY for knowledge and as you can see, will sit on the floor for 3 hours if they have to in order to get some life changing, business transformation strategies. And that’s just what we did in this photo this weekend.

I shared with my team for the 1st time ever, how my free 60 day video challenge generated over $5,000 in revenue for my business in less than 60 days. I went through the formula step by step and do you know what the best part was??? I LEARNED from them!!! They gave me idea after idea to make it even better. I am always a student! THAT is the power of masterminding with like minds. Do you want to mastermind with me and my team? We get together every 3 months and share everything from internet marketing strategies to mindset and SO much more. PLUS you get webinars, calls, access to private 24/7 video training and a multitude of valuable resources. Yes, it’s the 🙂