How to protect your Facebook profile against Graph Search (unwanted searches)

While I am super excited about the rolling out of the new Graph Search feature of Facebook because of the marketer in me, I also understand that many people don’t want their profiles searched by things like their work history, “likes” and interests so… I wanted to share this very helpful article I found on Yahoo. In case you are wondering what Graph Search is; it’s just a more advanced way to conduct searches on Facebook like, “Shops my friends ‘like’ in Los Angeles.” So essentially a lot of what you do on Facebook can be searched. Don’t get all scared though, your info can still be protected.

Click below for 13 quick screenshots to help you protect your privacy. PLEASE pass this article along to others you know. I’m sure you’ve got some people in your circle who would like to change their privacy settings and just don’t know that Facebook has now made it very open to be searched.

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