Can Social Media Scores Get You a Job or a client?

With the rise of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the most competitive jobseekers are developing a whole new set of networking skills. Of course, branding yourself as a passionate, but balanced professional can be tough. Who should you be following on Twitter? In which LinkedIn debate should you post an intelligent question? How “real” should you really get on your Facebook profile?  As savvy web socialites continue to leverage themselves in life, work and love, there’s another sign that social media skills could help you win the future: social scores.

Scoring companies like Klout assign social media scores ranging from 1-100 to any user with a Twitter account, whether they ask for one or not. The scores are meant to measure “influence” online. Until a few months ago, Bieber and Gaga led the pack, even beating out President Obama. The internet community has scoffed at social scoring and the idea of measuring web influence since scoring started two years ago, but scoring companies like Klout are changing the game. Klout’s algorithms have improved and even some employers are using them as another factor in the hiring decisions.  And now, it just might be time to pay attention your score.

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