Spotlight Business: Camp DNI- An Entrepreneurial Style Camp for Kids

Being an entrepreneur is fun but raising your kids to think like one is even more fun. Our society is rapidly changing and their has been a RISE in the creative class. What does this mean for us as parents? It means that it’s extremely important for us to expose our kids to cutting edge programs and innovative experiences that teaches them to develop the power/value of their ideas.

I found this cool camp located in Venice Beach, CA, that is sure to SPARK your child’s imagination. Check out Camp DNI. It’s a design thinking camp where kids build towers, bridges, skyscrapers and even invent their own toy and write a mini-business plan. Programs like this are too cool not to share. I wish I would have had something like this growing up. I didn’t get the entrepreneurial spirit until I was an adult (after i had my daughter). 

Visit Camp DNI online and tell Queenie Johnson, the Executive Director & Founder, that I sent you if you enroll your child. The Early Bird Tuition $197/week + registration (Ages 7-12)
Share this with all of your friends in the Los Angeles area who have kids and let’s kick start our mini moguls!