What is your story? Tell me and get featured on my Fan Page…

I want to feature your story on my Facebook Fan Page. I want you to tell me who you are, how or why you started your business (and please show me your PASSION people). Take a look at my video below and see why you need to use video marketing to seriously grow whatever business you are in.

Here is what you need to do to get featured:
#1 Make a video with a flip cam, camera phone, ipad, webcam (hell I don’t care) just do it!

#2 After you make the video upload it to YouTube.com. How to Upload a Video to YouTube PDF

#3 Visit my fan page, Click “Like” then post the link on my Facebook Fan Page and say “This is my story Natalie…” I will pick the BEST and post it on my social networks for my friends, colleagues and fans.

Here us the deal: The “Best” video doesn’t mean video editing, professional lighting and no mess ups. I want REAL people with passion. Can you do that? If you can I guarantee you will get more business.

Contest closes next week on Friday the 17th. Good Luck!