FREE Facebook Q&A Next Week +Video Marketing Event & Funny BLOOPERS

I want to take this time to apologize. A lot of you are out of state and can’t attend my workshops, so this year my commitment is to do monthly sessions online. Secondly, my last video marketing workshop in Los Angeles was for ladies only and some men got pissed off that they couldn’t attend! (Yeah its true lol, I blocked off the men). With that said, I am doing another video marketing workshop to kick of the year and it’s open to everyone!

FREE Online Facebook Q&A Session on Wednesday, January 25th

I am a special guest for the “The Real Entrepreneurial Housewives” Wine Wednesday Chat (But this edition is Co-ed) I will be talking about marketing a Facebook Fan page and you get to tweet me questions! Cool huh? Register HERE. You all can attend ONLINE from your computer or phone. Share this with everyone you know! (You can always see my events at

Video Marketing Workshop (In Los Angeles) on Saturday, January 28th

It’s time for you to GET WITH VIDEO MARKETING! Most businesses have not caught on to the power of this cost effective trend. REGISTER HERE and join me and learn:

  • Basic Do’s & Don’ts of video marketing
  • The types of videos that will make you more sales
  • How to take advantage for video without even being on camera
  • Cutting edge video marketing tools and free editing resources
  • How to save time, $$$ and attract your ideal client
  • **Bonus: A hidden tip on finding out what videos people are searching for and what kind you need to be making!

You think I’m so good at video marketing? Check out all of my takes + bloopers in the video below! This is me showing you everyone makes mistakes! Enjoy and register for the workshop today!