Facebook Timeline (How to get it)

Facebook has rolled out the “Timeline” for your profile page. You are probably thinking “What the heck is that?” or “Not another change”, but hold on, this is pretty cool. The new Facebook Timeline is a way to show off who you are, what you do and where you’ve been. It’s a complete design overhaul that makes a visual history of everything you’ve ever done, all the way to when you were born. Check out the video below and follow the directions below to activate your Timeline. (Don’t get frustrated, this is going to be an amazing change that will allow you to promote your business even more!)


#1 Log into your facebook account and visit  www.facebook.com/about/timeline In the bottom right  
corner, click the green box to “Get Timeline.”
#2 Use the green “Take a tour” button to see where everything is. Don’t panic, you have 7 days to play around with this before anyone else sees your new Timeline. (You can breath now) lol
#3 Choose a unique image to be the “Cover” (that is the main large photo) This is where you get to have all of that new space to promote yourself. Awesomeness!!!! (Wait, is that a word? lol)
#4 After you choose a cover you can start adding significant events to your timeline like when you had a child, got a tattoo, started a business, or broke a bone…you get the point. Add as much or as little as you would like. This is totally up to you, don’t get all paranoid on me and start talking about privacy. :-/
Hope this helps! A lot of people are going to have questions about the new Facebook so please tweet, Facebook and share this blog with your friends.