Free Twitter Tool to get Targeted Followers

Click to watch —>FREE tool to get targeted Twitter Followers 

Your homework this week:  

#1 Make a list of some local and global industry leaders who have a following that you want to follow YOU. After you have your list, find the Twitter names of those people.

#2 Sign up for your free account on

#3 Share my video with your network

#4 Go to my fan page and post your feedback :)

  1. Monique Reply

    Hey Natalie,

    Thanks for the tip! It was real easy to set up, I’m getting followers and I’m connecting with them. I really like the flush option, for the followers that are not following me. It allows me to focus on my tweeps that are following me.

  2. Gail Jennings Reply

    See you Thursday. Will register today after work.

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