Website Weekend Warriors is giving you pure value this weekend!

I am so excited about the Website Weekend Warriors event this weekend in Los Angeles. Just to show you the kind of value you are getting for the price, I put together a little breakdown of how much it would cost to hire separate web professionals to get your site up and ready to market!

Take a look at these numbers!

Average Web Design and Marketing Costs:

  • Website content creation $1000+
  • Website construction starting at $2,000
  • Website management starting at $300 per month
  • Traffic and Lead generation $500
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Session $500
  • Coaching starting at $500 per month
  • Mobile friendly site starting at $5000

Total $9800+

And you are getting in to this workshop for what price? Hmmmm hmmm, don’t you feel special! 🙂 We will see you all Saturday!

Website Weekend Warriors Won’t Break the Bank! We’ll help you make some BANK!

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