Privacy on Facebook: Is that why you aren’t using social media? Learn how to protect your Privacy

I hear this all of the time from my clients:
• I want to protect my privacy
• I don’t want everyone to see my updates
• I don’t want everyone to find me
• How do I block people?
• How do I protect my photos?

The list goes on and on! Out of all of the issues people have with social media…Privacy seems to be #1. Little do many people know there are ways to protect your privacy on Facebook. Click the image to learn a little more about what to do to protect your privacy.

Now you can talk about how funny it is that your mom is on Facebook in your status update and block her from seeing the post! Lol I know, I know…I’m bad. Have a great weekend everyone!

Click the image below to access the privacy document on facebook (you must already be logged into Facebook to see the document).