Why You NEED A Facebook Fan Page

So you are still wondering why you need a Business Page on Facebook? Yeah, yeah I know you think it’s a lot of work. (You can set it up in minutes) Don’t over think the process. Just do it and build on it later.

"Like" me on Facebook

Here are a few highlighted points to help drive the point home.

  1. Shows up in Google search (Search Engine Optimization)
  2. Unlimited fans
  3. Highly customizable (Landing pages, capture pages, shopping pages etc.) Mailing List applications like Constant Contact
  4. Add administrators  (Great for partners)
  5. Create a real fan base (not just family and friends)
  6. Recruit fans and fill page with content that is relevant to them
  7. Create buzz in your fan base (Raving fans)
  8. Promote your blog and website freely without fear of Facebook shutting you down for spam

Lastly, You are a business; Your customers expect you to have a fan page!

Are you ready now? Contact me for help managing, setting up and sprucing up your page. You will be happy you did! P.S. Feel free to post social media questions on my fan page wall.