Video Marketing Is Only For Pretty People

So you’re scared to get in front of the camera because you think you don’t have the look? You’re wrong! Video is not reserved for the pretty people! I hear so many people say, “The camera doesn’t like me, I’m not pretty, I don’t like the way I look”. What do I say to that? I say, “Get over yourself!” If you want to connect with people (especially in the internet world) you are going to have to get over your fear and just do it.

 Here is your homework:

#1 Get in front of the camera and practice an introduction. Get comfortable and find your flow.

#2 Watch some videos from other video marketers that you enjoy and find interesting. Notice their comfort level, how genuine and likeable they are. Study what makes you keep watching and implement that into your videos

Don’t forget to be YOU!

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 I look forward to seeing your videos!

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